Skyline BCS Team PROMO

Exclusive to the Legends Location! 
Opening October 2022
Convenient 30 minute sessions.

Twelve Baseball / Softball 
Summer Strength & Conditioning Camp

Exclusive $30 Offer!
Lock in the Exclusive Twelve Rate!

Team Training

10+ Athletes
Sport specific training, in a competitve team setting, that meets the needs and abilities of each athlete.

Small Group Training

5-9 Athletes
Perfect for those who like the private setting with a competitive team atmosphere. Sport specific training that addresses every individual's needs.  
*Contact for Days and Location* 
*Contact for Days and Location* 

Virtual Coaching

Get the feedback and coaching you need to elevate your performance. Couple this with our customized online programming for best results. Perfect for busy schedules.

Individual Training

Private / 2 Athletes / 3-4 Athletes
Perfect for those who need private coaching.  Sport specific training that address individual needs. Choose from one on one to a group of four max.  
*Contact for Days and Location* 

Online Programming

Please print and sign liability paperwork prior to any training.
Custom training program specific to your needs. Each program is tailored to address the needs of the athlete and the sport.