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"I have two daughters, 16 & 10 years old, training at Elevate and I can't say enough about what Coach Brock has done for both of them.  They are both stronger physically and mentally than when we started about 6 months ago.  My youngest has more confidence in herself; he not only pushed her on her physical aspects but he provided encouragement and motivational words to increase her confidence.  I see her confidence not only on the volleyball court but also in her day-to-day life.  My oldest has been working towards playing D1 Volleyball and Coach Brock is providing the training that is going to have her prepared to arrive at college ready to compete with the best.  I'm truly thankful for all Elevate has done for my girls and can't wait to see what they can accomplish next."


“My first question about a player is, are they an athlete? ELEVATE knows what it takes to get a player of any caliber to reach their full athletic potential. If you are looking to take a professional approach to your training and level up, no question that ELEVATE will get you there.”​Jeremy Fikac - Sport Agent, Former MLB Pitcher, & College Baseball Coach 


“Without my time working with ELEVATE, I would not have been ready for college ball. The attention to detail and personalization of the workouts helped develop me for the next level.”​


“I just got done with my first college lift!  We did almost exactly everything we did this past Spring.”​


“Training with Coach Brock was Great!!! He treats his athletes like professionals. Training with him before I left to play college ball helped me be prepared for football at TCU.”​

“I'm 6'0 206 lbs. today. They couldn't believe I was that heavy either. The college coaches said I looked very lean.”​



“We tested vertical today and my coach said it increased a lot from the last time we tested.”​

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